Our Vision

biology-220005_1280Sidney Farber, the father of modern chemotherapy and credited for finding a successful treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukemia once said, “The only thing standing between science and a cure for cancer is sustained research, sufficient funding, and the national will to bring it about.”

The Canadian Children’s Brain Cancer Foundation agrees with Dr. Farber. We believe that sustained research coupled with modern science and a better understanding of the genetics of cancer will lead to targeted therapies and ultimately a cure for even the worst kind of pediatric brain cancers.

Canada’s health researchers have a proud history of making major contributions to medical science, most notably the discovery of insulin to treat diabetes and a vaccine to prevent the infliction of polio. Recent publications show studies from two Canadian research institutions have provided clues that will help other researchers around the globe better understand the medical biology of pediatric brain tumors. This will facilitate better clinical trials using targeted therapies developed from more advanced pre-clinical laboratory studies.

There was a time, not long ago, when a child diagnosed with polio, diabetes and acute lymphoblastic leukemia was given a death sentence. That is no longer the case. Today, researchers in Canada and elsewhere are working hard to put an end to childhood brain cancer but they can’t do it alone. It is our vision that an effective awareness campaign, supportive of private foundations, such as the Canadian Children’s Brain Cancer Foundation and National Health Agencies, will put a stop to this deadly threat in the very near future.