Funding Research

Only through research can better treatments and ultimately a cure for children’s brain cancer be discovered. It is the KidsBrain’s mission to help sustain the great work our research teams are performing.

Our Mission

To fund medical research and raise public awareness for pediatric brain cancer with a particular focus on malignant tumors with low survival rates.


By arranging events and welcoming assistance from great volunteers we ensure that funds make it to those who are searching for cures and getting close…

Our Story

From tragic beginnings comes great steps toward helping children suffering from this terrible disease. In Jordan’s memory we step up and work harder…

Our Vision

We believe that sustained research coupled with modern science and a better understanding of the genetics of cancer will lead to targeted therapies and ultimately a cure…

Tribute Donations

Children’s Brain Cancer is a horrible disease that affects children and their families.
We do believe we can make a difference and your donations as tributes are appreciated.